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DAY 10 - 25 June 2014; Pokhara to Kathmandu

Friends, The absence of data connectivity had plagued blog updation since departure from Cochin till I met Sandeep in the GoFord service centre in Kathmandu on 23 June. Since then I have been able to find free WiFi locations to get my stuff done on the net. The availability of free WiFi at Hotel Snowland helped me update information, catch up on mails, respond to friends on Facebook and send pictures to UPMA for continued branding. Since we had decided to leave after an early breakfast I got up earlier to complete left over work. I also decided to check out a few things that would be used during the Tibet/China part of the journey such as the electric water heater, the Green Tea bags the jacket, etc. I had not opened the box of publicity material sent by the Kerala Tourism department. Pokhara being the prime tourist destination in Nepal I thought it appropriate to leave some publicity material in the hotel. The box contained brochures about Kerala, tourism and Ayurveda besides CDs of t…

DAY 9 - 24 June 2014; Kathmandu to Pokhara

Friends, The road map for entry into Tibet/China became crystal clear with the visit to Ram’s office to fill up the Chinese visa form. Entry would be on the 27th. Thus, we had three more days on hand. It was decided to visit Pokhara on 24th and return the next day, in time to collect the stamped passports from Ram’s office. The afternoon of the 25th would be reserved for miscellaneous activity, including a visit to the Indian Embassy if we had the time. Local sightseeing will be the focus on 26th after the mountain flight, which depended hugely on good weather conditions. The plans for the next few days were laid out thus. Accordingly, after Leela was done with the next load of washing we set out for Pohkara. The city of Kathmandu is astonishingly dusty due to road and other construction works. River sand mining and stone crushing units add to the dust and chaos on the road. On the outskirts of the city we stopped for breakfast. The small thatched hut turned restaurant served us chana …

DAY 8 - 23 June 2013; In Kathmandu

Friends, In seven days I had accumulated soiled clothes that had to be washed. Mohan said that the maid who cleaned the flat would do the needful since laundries would not be able to give the clothes back in time. As Leela came in for work in the morning I only gave her one chore to complete besides sweeping and swabbing the flat – wash clothes. She did that quite expertly and hung them out in the balcony to dry. Since we had not had the food she had cooked for us the previous evening I told her to take that home for her family. She took permission to borrow a few utensils to take the food home.
After a few cups of black tea and a bath in cold water we decided to complete the formalities for the Chinese visa. Mirus had arranged with another agency in Kathmandu to take care of that. I had arranged to meet Ram of Nepal Tours in his office in Jayatha Thamel by 10 am. Accordingly we scheduled our departure from the flat and the navigation software guided us expertly to Thamel through gut wr…

DAY 7 - 22 June 2014; Gorakhpur to Kathmandu

Friends, We had completed the stay in the last Indian city; it was time to move to foreign lands. The excitement of visiting places I had not been to before and the fact that I would be back in the homeland only after another 10 weeks created a mosaic of feelings. Arun Yadav, the Catering Inspector, came with the voucher for the food. After settling the ORH charges and the food bill we checked out. Arun Yadav attested the LBR log sheet and he piloted us to the highway and waved us on.
The road to Sunauli was more or less okay. However, as we approached the Indian border congestion caused by haphazard parking of trucks and accidents clogged the road, which was not narrow, but was made almost impassable due to indiscipline. The last 7 kilometers to the border took us more than a half hour. Mohan had arranged with Ravi to facilitate our passage through the Indian and Nepalese borders. Ravi worked for the Company that was operating an Inland Container Depot (ICD) on the Nepal border, Bhaira…

DAY 6 - 21 June 2014; In Gorakhpur

DAY 5 - 20 June 2014; Jhansi to Gorakhpur

DAY 4 - 19 June 2014; Nagpur to Jhansi